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Unleashing the Menace: Chucky, the Notorious Killer Doll, Joins Dead by Daylight with a Vertical Twist! this 2023

By HENRY Nov 28, 2023
Image: Behaviour Interactive

The newest Killer to join Dead by Daylight is Chucky, the insane killer doll from the Child’s Play series.

Chucky was the only playable Killer in Behaviour Interactive’s asymmetrical multiplayer horror game, but other selectable characters included Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, and Alien’s Xenomorph. Behaviour had a singular problem when the Good Guy turned slasher, and he was met with an equally singular execution.

Chucky, the Notorious Killer Doll, Joins Dead by Daylight

In a recent interview with Polygon, Mathieu Cote, producer and director of partnerships at Behaviour, said, “Chucky has been on our list since day one.” However, we wanted to be in a situation that allowed us to really inhabit the persona. That’s something that, up until recently, we weren’t sure we would be able to develop the gameplay element and the experience that would really bring Chucky to life to a great extent.

Chucky was made conceivable, according to Dave Richard, senior creative director of Dead by Daylight, by the team’s work on other Killers, particularly “The Twins,” Charlotte and Victor Deshayes.

Dead by Daylight
Image: Behaviour Interactive

Richard said, “Over the years, we’ve developed some Killers that add some components that made it easier to imagine how Chucky would work.” “Many of our gamers were beginning to think, ‘Oh, maybe it is okay now [to have] a little character who can genuinely be in the matrix of DbD,’ as we worked on the twin characters. Victor is pretty small.

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Additionally, there were issues with fundamental gameplay mechanics, such as the need that the Killer be able to hook Survivors. However, as you may know, we’ve created other killers throughout the years that have unique animations and scope. Thus, it gave us hope that we could really make Chucky materialize.

With Dead by Daylight reaching 60 million players lately, Cote said that obtaining the rights to Chucky was really the simple part. We can now pick up the phone and say, “Hey, we’d like to put your thing in Dead by Daylight,” and people will say, “Yeah, of course,” in contrast to the talks we had eight years ago. They are conversant with the subject matter. I believe that both parties recognized potential right away, and talks soon turned to “Okay, so how do we make this happen?”

The difficulty came when Chucky, standing at a full two and a half feet, was placed in a game against considerably taller Killers (and Survivors). “Obviously, trying to create a killer that’s really, really short was the biggest hurdle,” Cote said. One of Dead by Daylight’s main gameplay mechanics is the Killer disabling Survivors by lifting them up and placing them on a meathook.

Richard said, “One of Chucky’s initial solutions was to slightly cheat on the size.” In the end, Richard said, the team determined that “that was modifying the character too much, so it was a no-go.” They attempted to make him “just a little bit taller, so that the top of his head would go over some of the important objects that we have in the game.” As a result, we had to come up with other plans.

Behaviour attempted many remedies, such as providing Chucky with equipment to compensate for his height disparity and the capacity to scale things. Richard said that the people who solved the killer doll’s height problems were really employees of Universal, the business that owns almost everything connected to Chucky and Child’s Play.

Image: Behaviour Interactive

Richard remembered, “We thought we had a pretty powerful idea when we came to Universal.” We thought it would be great if Chucky had a human-sized proxy with him, such as a killer or psychopath who Chucky employs, or someone from a mental institution. According to Universal, if we could really utilize Charles [Lee Ray, the guy whose soul inhabits the doll], it would be amazing fan service because his spirit would arrive and leave the doll for a little period of time, allowing you to do those things. That was fantastic as they were well aware of what their followers would want.

Behaviour addressed other concerns over Chucky’s size by enabling third-person gameplay for Killers, as opposed to Dead by Daylight’s customary first-person perspective.

Richard said, “A lot of our maps are not [designed] for his size.” “There is a lot of grass, vegetation, and other similar objects that could interfere with the camera’s view and cause significant difficulties for the players.” We also understood that for certain activities, we would have to alternate between his vision and Charles’s standing-up view since motion sickness made all of this movement difficult.

“We are in the early stages of developing new Killers, and it’s an exciting prototyping phase,” Cote said. “At that time, any notion is appropriate. And that’s kind of the wonderful flexibility that exists in Dead by Daylightβ€”each Killer contributes something really unique. It is better for everyone if they disrupt the meta moreβ€”the more unexpected and unique they are. Furthermore, Chucky is the only murderer who uses the third person. We succeeded in making it function. It really breaks a few of things. That’s okay too. The goal of the game is to be unexpected and chaotic.

Players who have given Chucky a try in Dead by Daylight have given him excellent first reviews. For those who have been playing DbD for a long timeβ€”across more than 30 Killersβ€”the better news is that Chucky is just another exception to the rules, opening the door for even more bizarre, chaotic, and unexpected material in the future.

After Chucky, I questioned Cote about any licensed Killers he thought would be “impossible” to include to Dead by Daylight. No more, he said.Dead by Daylight

“A few names would be on that list if you had asked me that a few years ago,” Cote said. Chucky and the Xenomorph would most likely be among them. And this year, we [did] both. Thus, to be honest, at this time, there are a few things we spoke about when we realized that they would be difficult. However, I don’t believe the term “impossible” is used very often [anymore]. “Does this fit within our world?” is the largest obstacle we have to overcome. It is not going to come in if it does not fit into the world.

However, Cote noted that the response to the query, “Does it fit in Dead by Daylight?” will likewise evolve with time.

Image: Behaviour Interactive

“We were very, very close to making genuine slasher films during the first year of Dead by Daylight. And it was the main theme of the original material we were producing, and the licenses we chose were for really vintage slasher horror films. However, as we grow and include more elements into the worldβ€”including our own unique creationsβ€”Dead by Daylight gets more “sturdy” and broadens in a manner that makes it possible to include characters like Chucky.#Dead by Daylight

He’s always been quite humorous and leans toward the comedic side of horror. He wouldn’t have fit in well with [our game] in the first year, in my opinion. But now, it simply fits perfectly, which is fantastic because it indicates that we have created something strong and large enough to sustain these things.

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