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According to Mark Cuban, he has “no plans to run” for president in 2024.

By HENRY Nov 29, 2023
Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.Thearon W. Henderson / Getty Images

The Dallas Mavericks’ owner and billionaire businessman, Mark Cuban, said on Wednesday that he still has “no plans” to run for president in 2024.

Mark Cuban Amidst attempts by the nonpartisan organization

No Labels to organize a presidential ticket, Cuban said in July that he was not contemplating a third-party candidacy for president in 2024. At the time, Cuban said that “my family would disown me” if he entered the presidential race in an email to NBC News.Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban
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When asked on Wednesday whether his thoughts on whether to run had changed, Cuban said, “No plans to run,” in an email to NBC News.Mark Cuban

Online speculation about a possible Cuban presidential candidacy grew this week after his announcement that he intends to depart ABC’s “Shark Tank” after the show’s 16th season and amid rumors that he intends to sell the Dallas Mavericks for $3.5 billion. For the previous fifteen seasons, Cuban has been a member of the “sharks” on “Shark Tank,” and in 2000, he bought the Mavericks.Mark Cuban

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Cuban openly considered running as an independent for president in 2020. In July, he said that he had previously spoken with No Labels, the nonpartisan organization aiming to provide ballot access to a third-party presidential candidate in all 50 states for the next election. NBC News was informed by the group’s founder, Nancy Jacobson, that discussing possible candidates is “not something we spend a lot of time at.”Mark Cuban

The goal of No Labels’ April convention in Dallas is to choose a Republican and Democrat to run as a ticket against the front-runners of the two main parties for president.


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