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A fugitive kangaroo strikes a police officer in the face as it is apprehended in Canada.

By Jennifer Dec 5, 2023


After being on the run for four days in Canada, a kangaroo was apprehended by authorities on Monday, but not before it struck one of the officers in the face.

According to Durham Regional Police, they got an odd report from someone saying they saw a kangaroo jumping about in Oshawa, which is 40 miles east of Toronto.

When the kangaroo broke free during its transit between zoos, confused drivers saw it hopping down the side of the road. They posted the footage on social media.

Police are punched by an escaped kangaroo before it is captured by its tail / CTV NEWS

The deployed cops were trained on the proper method for capturing a kangaroo, which involves grabbing it by the tail.

Staff Sergeant Chris Boileau told reporters on Monday that the cops “just actually grabbed it by the tail and they were able to safely keep her detained in the area,” following the handlers’ best practices.

“We won’t be continuing the investigation, and only one of the officers was struck in the face during the apprehension,” Boileau said.

When the freedom-seeking marsupial “stopped to take a little break” at approximately three in the morning on Monday, authorities leaped at the opportunity to take it into custody, according to a statement from the police.

Kangaroo captured by police after zoo escape in Ontario, Canada | The Advocate | Burnie, TAS

The announcement said that the kangaroo gave up and quietly turned itself in to police authorities. “After that, she was taken in one of our K9 kennels back to the zoo for an examination.”

Cameron Preyde, the head keeper and park supervisor at the Oshawa Zoo and Fun Farm, told CBC that the animal had “jumped over” its handlers during a scheduled, late-night rest break at the facility on its journey to Quebec.

It was becoming dark when the handlers tried to find the about four-year-old kangaroo who was being moved with her adult offspring.

After a time of relaxation, the 4-year-old female kangaroo goes to Quebec, where handlers could be watching her more closely than usual. Her name is not known.

By Jennifer


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