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The UN warns that 400 Rohingya migrants on two drifting boats are in serious need of rescue.

By Jennifer Dec 5, 2023
Another boat with 139 Rohingya refugees, mostly women and children, landed Saturday on Indonesia’s Sabang Island. Chaideer Mahyuddin / AFP - Getty Images


BANGKOK, Thailand According to Babar Baloch, the regional spokeswoman for the UNHCR in Bangkok, the organization is concerned that everyone on board would perish if rescue measures are not made.

UN Warns That 400 Rohingya on Board 2 Boats Draped in the Andaman Sea and in Severe Need of Rescue / U.S. News & World Report

He told The Associated Press, “There are about 400 children, women, and men staring death in the eye if there are no moves to save these desperate souls.” According to reports, the boats sailed from Bangladesh and have been at sea for almost two weeks, he added.

When reached by the AP on Saturday, the captain of one of the boats said that there were between 180 and 190 passengers on board, that they were running low on food and water, and that their engine was broken. The skipper, who identified himself as Maan Nokim, expressed his concern that if assistance is not given, everyone on board would perish.

Nokim reported on Sunday that the boat was 200 miles off the west coast of Thailand. When reached on Monday, a spokesman for the Thai navy claimed not to know anything about the vessels.

UN issues a warning that 400 Rohingya in two drifting boats in the Andaman Sea are in urgent need of rescue | Law-Order / Devdiscourse

The place is around the same distance from Aceh, the northernmost area of Indonesia, where, according to Baloch, another boat carrying 139 people arrived on Sabang Island, off the tip of Sumatra, on Saturday. They consist of 36 males, 45 women, and 58 children, which is the usual distribution of people traveling by water, he added. Last month, hundreds more people came in Aceh.

Rohingyas leave Bangladesh’s filthy, congested refugee camps on a periodic basis. Since last year, there has been a sharp increase in the number of Rohingya leaving the camps as a result of food ration cutbacks and an uptick in gang violence that has left camp inhabitants afraid for their safety.

Since August 2017, around 740,000 Rohingya Muslims,

who are mostly Buddhist in Myanmar, have fled to camps in Bangladesh, fleeing a violent counterinsurgency assault that destroyed their villages. Thousands of Rohingya houses have been set on fire, and security forces in Myanmar are allegedly responsible for horrific massacres and rapes.

International tribunals are debating whether what they did amounted to genocide.

400 Rohingya are stranded on two boats in the Andaman Sea, and the UN advises that they urgently need to be rescued. The Economic Times – IndiaTimes

In an effort to obtain employment, the majority of refugees who leave the camps by water want to go to Malaysia, which is populated by Muslims. Some boats arrive in Thailand, where they are either turned away or imprisoned. They are also detained in Indonesia, another nation with a large Muslim population.

The globe “may witness another tragedy such as in December 2022, when a boat with 180 passengers went missing in one of the darkest such incidents in the region,” according to Baloch, if the two drifting vessels are not provided help.

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