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As Trump returns to the ballot, voting corporations file a lawsuit over issues related to the 2020 election.

By Jennifer Dec 7, 2023
Former President Donald Trump at a rally in Florence, Ariz., last year. Melina Mara / The Washington Post via Getty Images file


The voting system manufacturers, Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic, will probably bring stacks of fresh evidence and supporters of Donald Trump into public court when they reapply for office in 2019.

Even though there isn’t any proof of substantial voting fraud, Trump supporters and right media sites accused the firms of manipulating the 2020 election. Both have filed separate lawsuits, accusing one other and Fox News, Newsmax, Trump attorneys Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, well-known election skeptic Mike Lindell and his business MyPillow, and other parties of defamation.

Twenty-four months from now, more than ten of these issues will be in state and federal courts as Trump navigates the primary and maybe the general election.

The lawsuit may compel former Trump aides and supporters to appear in person or give depositions or oaths in open court, provide fresh information regarding the origins of allegations of election tampering, and persistently remind voters of Trump’s attempts to reverse the results of the 2020 election as he runs for office again.

Trump Campaign Knew Lawyers’ Dominion Claims Were Baseless, Memo Shows – The New York Times

This year’s major stories were dominated by months by Dominion’s lawsuit against Fox News and Fox Corporation, which was the first of its kind. Following hundreds of pages of depositions and internal correspondence becoming public due to litigation, Dominion settled for $787.5 million. Many Fox News journalists treated the president’s allegations of a stolen election with skepticism and mockery, according to internal emails and texts. Tucker Carlson, a well-known conservative prime-time television show, was seen to have privately said that he detested Trump in other emails, while another conversation indicated that Powell’s fraud charges were mostly based on a lady who claimed the wind spoke to her and that she could travel through time.

“The same conspiracy theories, the same people, the same consequences for democracyβ€”all of that is on deck again,” the First Amendment expert RonNell Andersen Jones of the University of Utah College of Law said.

These four trials have the potential to significantly impact the election.

Smartmatic against MyPillow and Mike Lindell
Before he rose to prominence as a conservative and outspoken election skeptic, Mike Lindell was best known for peddling foam-filled pillows on infomercials. Throughout 2020 and beyond, he promoted his pillows while presiding over rallies, making television appearances, and making unfounded claims that voting machines were rigged to steal the U.S. election. Claiming slander and misleading business tactics, Smartmatic has filed a lawsuit against him in a Minnesotan court. They want the bogus claims to be withdrawn and damages awarded.

The lawsuit may go to open court as early as April 1, but any dispositive motions, which are motions to dismiss all or part of the claims or seek a bench judgment, could release evidence as early as this month. Such moves allowed hundreds of pages of material in Dominion’s Fox News lawsuit to be made publicly available for the first time.

Media Newsmax v. Smartmatic Trump

November 2021 saw Smartmatic file a lawsuit against Newsmax Media, a rival news network to Fox News and a conservative outlet, on the grounds that the latter had disparaged the former. In Delaware, where the corporation is incorporated, the trial is set to start on June 3. Motions for disapproval could be heard in late February.

Does mail-in voting lead to fraud – and does it help Democrats? The facts | US news | The Guardian

The court docket for Smartmatic’s lawsuit against Newsmax shows that Trump associates Stephen Bannon and Michael Flynn have already been served subpoenas.

Newsmax Media v. Dominion Voting Systems
In August 2021, Dominion sued Newsmax for $1.6 billion, claiming slander as well. A court order from Judge Eric Davis, the same Superior Court judge who oversaw Dominion’s Fox News lawsuit earlier this year, states that a jury trial in Delaware is set to start on September 30, 2024. By July 18, dispositive motions must be submitted. Utilizing summary judgment papers, Dominion exposed hundreds of pages of evidence in its lawsuit against Fox News, sparking a media frenzy.

According to a Delaware judge’s ruling, Dominion’s trial against Newsmax is set for September 2024. In the next summer, filings that will make a significant portion of the case’s evidence public are anticipated.

CNN vs. Smartmatic

In a massive lawsuit filed in February 2021 seeking an astounding $2.7 billion, Smartmatic claimed that Fox News and Fox Corporation had defamed and portrayed the corporation as “the villain in their story” of election fraud. The corporation stated the network’s allegations that their election technology was extensively utilized in the United States and was rigged to win the presidency hurt their brand and hurt their bottom line.

Fox says a trial isn’t scheduled to begin until 2025, but significant files may arrive before the election.


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