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The Glock handgun’s inventor, Gaston Glock, an Austrian, passes away at age 94.

By Jennifer Dec 28, 2023
Glock semi-automatic pistols for sale at a store in El Cajon, Calif., in 2021.Bing Guan / Bloomberg via Getty Images


According to Glock’s website, its creator “successfully established the Glock brand as the global leader in the handgun industry, in addition to revolutionizing the world of small arms in the 1980s.”

The Austrian inventor of the pistol that carries his name, Gaston Glock, passed away on Wednesday. He was ninety-four years old.

Austrian engineer Gaston Glock in 2003.Gert Eggenberger / APA/AFP via Getty Images

His death was confirmed by the Glock corporation, according to the Austria Press Agency.

The business was established in 1963 in Deutsch-Wagram, close to Vienna, by reclusive engineer Glock. Since then, it has grown all around the globe, including a 1985-founded subsidiary in the United States.

Law enforcement agencies, military forces in some nations, and private consumers all utilize Glock handguns. Compared to existing versions at the time of creation, the weapon was much lighter, more affordable, and more dependable.

The inventor of Glock “not only revolutionized the world of small arms in the 1980s, but also succeeded in establishing the Glock brand as the global leader in the handgun industry,” according to the company’s website.

In the 1970s, Glock’s business created its first military gear, which included field knives.

By Jennifer


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