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December 29, 2023: Drones and missiles fired by Russia hit Ukraine

By Jennifer Dec 29, 2023
Drone strikes in Russia seen as Ukrainian rebuff to missile barragesDrone strikes in Russia seen as Ukrainian rebuff to missile barrages | Reuters


Russia attacked Ukraine early on Friday, damaging homes, schools, and hospitals with missiles and drones in what the national authorities called one of the heaviest aerial bombardments since the crisis started.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that the majority of the 110 or so missiles fired during the operation were intercepted.

Major Russian missile barrage slams targets across Ukraine
Major Russian missile barrage slams targets across Ukraine | Zee Business

Zelenskyy said that Russia employed ballistic and cruise missiles, as well as “almost everything it has in its arsenal,” in the attack.

Authorities said that the blasts, which caused over 130 injuries and at least 18 fatalities, shocked Ukrainians around the country. Following the explosions, rescue responders scrambled to salvage people from the rubble as prosecutors launched a war crimes investigation.

Only a few days had passed since a Ukrainian strike in Russian-occupied Crimea, during which there were reports of damage to a Russian landing ship, before the attacks on Friday.

NBC News reported loud explosions in Kyiv, the country’s capital, early in the morning. Residential complexes, a metro station, and a business hub were among the targets, according to local police. The head of the Kyiv City Military Administration, Serhii Popko, said that at least thirty people had been injured and at least four people had died.

The governor of the region, Oleh Syniehubov, said that local authorities in Kharkiv, the second-largest city in northeastern Ukraine, had verified over 20 missile strikes. In addition to causing thirteen injuries and three deaths, the impacts also damaged warehouses and a transport facility.

Firefighters and municipal employees work at the site of a rocket attack in Dnipro.
Firefighters and municipal employees work at the site of a rocket attack in Dnipro.Stringer / AFP – Getty Images

Authorities in the less frequent rocket attack city of Lviv in the far west reported several explosions throughout the morning that damaged three schools, a kindergarten, and residential buildings. The mayor of the municipality, Andrii Sadovyy, said that fifteen people were injured and one person died.

Local officials in the central city of Dnipro claimed that a maternity hospital and a shopping mall sustained damage, in addition to six fatalities and 28 injuries.

Local authorities report that throughout the course of the night, missiles and drones attacked the southern port of Odesa, resulting in twenty-two injuries and four deaths as well as damage to residential buildings and a school.

Using “precision weapons and unmanned aerial vehicles,” the Russian Ministry of Defense said on Friday that it had carried out 50 assaults against Ukrainian military locations this week. They said nothing about the innocent targets that were hit on Friday in the vicinity of Ukraine.

Moscow has denied assaulting civilian facilities throughout the war, despite evidence of daily civilian casualties and whole Ukrainian cities lying in ruins.

NATO member Poland claimed that a “unidentified air object” had arrived from the direction of Ukraine; however, it was not immediately clear what it was or whether it had landed on Polish territory. Last year, a stray missile near the Ukrainian border struck a Polish village, killing two people and raising fears about the potential increase of the Kremlin’s assault.

Moscow has taken the initiative in the fight because Kyiv’s Western-backed counteroffensive this year has failed to yield major results and Ukraine’s partners are starting to show signs of increasing reluctance to support its war effort indefinitely. Even while Kyiv has so far ruled out entering talks with Russia, it has spurred speculations about the possible parameters of a ceasefire or potentially a peace accord.

International Minister of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba said on X, “Today, millions of Ukrainians awoke to the loud sound of explosions.” “I wish the world could hear the sounds of the explosions in Ukraine.”

Police officers block a street after a Russian missile attack in Kyiv.
Police officers block a street after a Russian missile attack in Kyiv.Oleksandr Gusev / Global Images Ukraine via Getty Images

They, he said, reflect Russia’s true objective rather than its will to have talks. He said, “These sounds are what Russia really has to say.”

Putin feels more confident than ever about his army, which he says has been bolstering its positions all the way along the frontline, even while Kyiv waits for Congress to accept President Joe Biden’s $61 billion aid proposal. Meanwhile, he has attempted to push the narrative that Western “freebies” for Kyiv are ending in an attempt to suggest that support for Ukraine is waning.

His top diplomat reaffirmed that stance on Thursday, asserting that the West is now using a new tactic against Ukraine.

The translation provided on the foreign ministry’s website states that Sergey Lavrov, the foreign minister of Russia, said in a state media interview that “there are hints and leaks in the Western media that the West now wants to look for some way out of this situation.”

“They require a means of escaping ‘without losing face,’ or a means of ensuring that you haven’t ‘lost’ your face,” he said. “It looks like this to me.”

By Jennifer


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