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Ukraine gets hit by North Korean missiles fired by Russia for the first time, a 2024 official claims.

By HENRY Jan 6, 2024
A Ukrainian military expert examines debris outside a damaged residential building in the center of Kharkiv after a missile strike on January 2, 2024.SERGEY BOBOK / AFP - Getty Images

A top Kyiv official confirmed on Friday that Russia had attacked Ukraine using missiles supplied by North Korea for the first time since the invasion, supporting a claim made earlier by the White House.

The governor of Kharkiv’s northeastern area claimed that non-Russian-made missiles launched by Russia had attacked his territory, prompting the social media site X to release the statement.

Russia fires North Korean missiles into Ukraine, says U.S. intelligence – The Washington Post

“There is no longer any disguise… the Russian Federation struck at the territory of Ukraine with missiles received from… North Korea as part of its outright genocidal war,” said Mykhailo Podolyak, a top official from Kiev.

He did not provide proof that the rockets came from North Korea. Washington used unclassified information in its announcement on Thursday.

“Mission-style missiles fired by a state whose citizens are tortured in concentration camps for talking to tourists, owning an unregistered radio, or watching television” are being used by (Russia) to target Ukrainians, according to Podolyak.

An inquiry on the U.S. claim that Russia launched short-range ballistic missiles against Ukraine that were provided by North Korea was not answered by the Kremlin.

Earlier on Friday, the regional governor of Kharkiv said that between the end of December and the start of January, missiles made outside of Russia were shot into the province.

The aftermath of a Russian airstrike on Kharkiv, the regional capital, was seen on camera by a Reuters camera operator on January 2. The hit occurred in the city center, leaving a deep crater and missile debris in its wake.

Russia has fired North Korean missiles at Ukraine for first time, Kyiv official confirms | South China Morning Post

Joost Oliemans, a Dutch scholar and specialist on North Korea’s military, said the missile remains seemed to be from North Korea after being shown the Reuters film for inspection.

“It seems to depict the main body and engine section of a missile that matches the North Korean type of missile that we have actually seen fairly clear photos of in the last few years pretty well,” he added.

The provenance of three missiles that Russia used to strike the provincial capital on Tuesday is the subject of an inquiry, according to regional prosecutors in Kharkiv. They didn’t mention North Korea in their statement.

The prosecutor’s office said that 62 people were injured and two individuals died in the assault on Kharkiv city.

The Ukrainian air force stated earlier on Friday that it was still unable to determine which nation manufactured the disputed weapons.

U.S. spokesperson John Kirby said that the missiles had a range of around 900 km (550 miles), but he did not specify what kind of missiles Pyongyang had deployed to Russia. He unveiled an image purportedly depicting KN-23 and KN-25 short-range ballistic missiles (SRBMs).

Since its first nuclear bomb test in 2006, North Korea has been subject to an arms embargo imposed by the United Nations.

Russia has fired North Korean missiles at Ukraine for first time, Kyiv official confirms | South China Morning Post

Resolutions adopted by the U.N. Security Council prohibit nations from exchanging armaments or other military hardware with North Korea; these resolutions were backed by Russia.

As part of a bigger weapons sale that reportedly included anti-tank and anti-air missiles, artillery and mortar rounds, and rifles, South Korean officials stated in November that North Korea may have provided SRBMs to Russia.

Despite having previously denied having any armaments transactions, both Moscow and Pyongyang promised last year to strengthen their military ties.



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