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These are the main references and Easter eggs in the upcoming 2024 film “Mean Girls.”

By Jennifer Jan 13, 2024
ReneΓ© Rapp, Bebe Wood and Avantika as the Plastics in "Mean Girls." No, we can't sit with them.Jojo Whilden / Paramount PicturesReneΓ© Rapp, Bebe Wood and Avantika as the Plastics in "Mean Girls." No, we can't sit with them.Jojo Whilden / Paramount Pictures

The film “Mean Girls,” a cross between the popular Broadway musical from 2017 and the 2004 original picture, had its premiere on Friday.

WARNING: There are significant spoilers in this article. Please remove us from your Burn Book.

In a movie remake or adaptation, how many allusions and cameos is too much? In the case of “Mean Girls,” there is no upper limit.

Some devoted viewers are skeptical of the new film, which is a mix of the popular Broadway musical from 2017 and the 2004 original picture. However, there are plenty of Easter Eggs in the remake, which is also directed by Tina Fey, so it’s easy to get carried away with the nostalgia.

Although the musical adaptation alters a few specifics from the original film, the narrative is mostly derived from it. Furthermore, the movie has 12 of the 21 songs that are included in the Broadway production, even though it isn’t being promoted as a musical.

Here is a compilation of some of the most noteworthy allusions and cameos.

References to earlier iterations
As soon as ReneΓ© Rapp was announced as Regina George in the film, musical enthusiasts were very happy. During the Broadway run of the musical, Rappβ€”who previously played in HBO Max’s “The Sex Lives of College Girls”β€”was George’s initial replacement and has since maintained his status as a fan favorite.

Fans also learnt that another well-known member of the original Broadway ensemble will be making a comeback after the release of the first teaser for the new film. Ashley Park portrays a French teacher at North Shore High, and she created the character of Plastics member Gretchen Wieners in the show.

Unexpectedly, however, Lindsay Lohanβ€”the legendary and original Cady Heronβ€”returns to the “Mean Girls” universe to serve as the judge of the Mathletes tournament that the movie’s protagonist, Angourie Rice, participates in. This is another significant appearance that has stayed under wraps.

Famous moments become self-referential
The remake of “Mean Girls” is aware of how many famous lines there were in the original film.

Most people will remember that in the first film, Gretchen attempts to force “fetch” to occur. Gretchen (Bebe Wood) tells Cady that it’s “so fetch” that she’s an international student in the new film, when viewers first meet the Plastics. Gretchen tells Regina that “fetch” is slang from an old movie when she is asked what it is. “Juno,’ I believe,” alluding to a movie that was also produced in the 2000s, the same decade that the first “Mean Girls” was published.

Mean Girls 2 (TV Movie 2011) - News - IMDb
Mean Girls 2 (TV Movie 2011) – News – IMDb

Two teams compete later in the Mathletes competition in a tiebreaker. Judge Lohan notes that this has only ever occurred once. This is a reference to the same sequence in the 2004 version in which Lohan’s Cady also confronts a sudden-death round.

Regina and Cady retain their jewelry.
In the first film, a necklace serves as a little touch to represent Cady’s transformation from new girl to queen bee. Cady begins wearing a “C” initial necklace that resembles Regina’s “R” initial necklace as she becomes more and more enmeshed with the Plastics. In the new film Mean Girls, the ladies maintain their jewelry but add a stylish half-gold, half-pearl link chain to somewhat refresh their ensemble.

It’s proven that an old relationship is still going strong.
The first film depicted a developing romance between Tim Meadows’ character Principal Duvall and Tina Fey’s character math teacher Ms. Norbury, culminating in a private slow dance at the North Shore’s “Spring Fling” event.

The gym scene in the new film Mean Girls , when the two teachers lecture the junior ladies of North Shore about the notorious Burn Bookβ€”which contains obscenities about every female juniorβ€”confirms that Norbury and Duvall are a relationship and live together.


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